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Shadow Gifts

Carl Jung, the legendary psycho-analyst & propounder of ‘Shadow’ phenomenon says, “Everyone carries a shadow, the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is”. Since we mostly tend to associate SHADOW with only dark, negative or un-likeable aspects, we often get in a fight, suppression or denial mode towards it. The truth is that SHADOW contains undeveloped, unexpressed potentials of all kinds. It is where ‘dark’ & ‘light’ co-exist and co-evolve.

Dr Neena Verma is an accomplished expert of ‘Shadow Gifts’ at individual, team and leadership level. She helps her clients appreciate the value of honouring their ‘shadow’ experience & creatively work with it to uncover its true meaning & magic. She helps Leaders & Teams create spectacular learning & growth by recognizing, embracing & generatively engage with their shadow experience. Her MARG model for “Appreciative Reframing of Shadow Experience” is internationally acclaimed & practiced.

Her ‘Shadow Gifts’ offerings include …

  • Leaders’ Journey … Transforming the Dark Side of Leadership
  • Team Shadow to Team Light … Creating & Sharing Collective Light
  • The Shadow Gifts … Generative Growth Lab for Indiviuals
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