On The Demonetization Cusp

Today ‘We The People of India’ are sitting on the cusp of … “Not yet over misery” and “Yet to be seen miracle” of demonetization.

The compliance to Demonetization is more out of coercive implementation, not because a coherent & convincing economic reasoning was offered. The ill-planned implementation continued despite the colossal adversity it brought upon the substantive majority of People of India, who are socio-economically disadvantaged, and have nothing to do with “black/terror money”; even though the miniscule fraction of real black-money walas got easy escapes (or escapades).

As for the saga of “black money”, everybody knows where lay the mice in the house. The coordinated silence of the mice intrigues. And the emergence of “pink as the new black” frightens. However, the credibility that the Constitution accords upon it, empowers only the elected Govt. to name the mice, and reinforce confidence in currency, whatever be its colour.

Today … Nation is waiting for Government to initiate an authentic dialogue with its people.
Today … we are sitting on the cusp when trust must restore.

With Light & Hope
A common citizen of India

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