Neena Verma invocation to “Appreciative Coaching for Transformation”

Dear Friends

On the auspicious occasion of ‘Baisakhi’ (the first day of the solar year, as per North Indian traditions), I wish us all well-being, meaning, joy and abundance.

Coming from a Punjabi background, I should have actually begun by saying

“Baisakhi di lakh-lakh badhayee”

The day of ‘Baisakhi’ is significant in many ways …
… It heralds the new year (per solar calculation)
… It is the harvest, and therefore gratitude and celebration time
… It is on this day, that Guru Gobind Singh (the Tenth Sikh Guru) founded the ‘Akal Khalsa Panth’ (the Community of the Pure) and called on the Sikhs to sacrifice for their community.
… It is on the Baisakhi Day that Guru Gobind Singh administered amrit (nectar) to his first batch of five disciples (the Panj Piaras) making them Singhs, a martial community.
… It is on this day that Swami Dayanand Saraswati founded the Arya Samaj – a reformed sect of Hindus who are devoted to the Vedas for spiritual guidance
… And some legends say, it is on this very day that Buddha came into life, attained enlightenment and also attained moksha (left life)

In essence, this day represents … invocation, auspicious beginning, accomplishment, offering, spiritual pursuit, enlightenment etc.

So I choose to make an important beginning on this auspicious day … invoking your appreciative readership and creative partnering to co-create a space of humble inquiry, generative learning and shared growth. Lets fill our world with …

meaning … the reason to be
appreciation … attitude of gratitude
inquiry … creative path to learning and growth
abundance … the collective richness

To begin our shared pilgrimage, I invite you to my signature offering “Appreciative Coaching for Transformation” , offered as a combined endeavor of two of my generative learning spaces …

” AIM … Appreciative Inquiry Mosaic” &
“N-CORE … Neena Verma Coaching Repertoire”

Please visit
to download flyer, or reach me at coordinates mentioned below.

Looking forward to co-creating your initiation in ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ and ‘Appreciative Coaching for Transformation’ .

Wishing abundance … always

neena verma, PCC
+91 – 9910021187

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing.
It makes what is excellent in others, belong to us as well”

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