hope & prayer for 2018 & ever after

hope & prayer for 2018 & ever after


As we welcome 2018
Here is wishing us all abundance of co-created & shared ‘Appreciative Universe’

My hope & prayer for 2018 & ever after is for us to awaken & strengthen

Our collective wisdom – to know that #WeThePeople deserve truth & trust; and that we are wise & capable enough to get this

Our collective conscience – to remind ourselves in time that #WeThePeople should not tacitly or naively allow or approve what our conscience would disallow & disapprove – divisiveness, hatred & violence

Our collective courage – to rise as Humanity-Warriors; to restore peace & harmony; to co-create universal love & harmonious co-existence

Our collective compassion – to feel for the poor & neglected & made irrelevant & pushed off socio-economic radar; and raise voice for their rights; and go beyond tokenism & offer a hand of help, share our privileges

Our collective playfulness – to go back to times of playing in mud, playing kabbadi & Kho-kho & antakshari & ludo & chess & all the lazy afternoon & buzzing street just-for-fun games

Our collective simplicity – to cook indulgently & eat together affectionately & dress non-fancy, yet look classy & enjoy summer evening breeze & winter afternoon warmth

Our collective creativity – to gather for neighbourhood jams over embroidery & knitting, or just over chai & pakoda & rewri & moongphali

Our simple parenting – to raise our children, not manage them; to appreciate them for their innate talent, not what they must prove; to educate them for learning, not competitive vanity; to encourage them to grow & evolve, not just manage good grades; be willing & courageous for tough-talk when needed, not appease or please our self-imposed desire for “socially-happening parenting”; and to leave them a legacy of good values, not rich property

Our reverence for life – good health, meaning, faith, joy & abundance

May the ‘Light of Life’ shine us on all

I invoke you on our shared pilgrimage for all this & more for 2018 & ever after.
Love & Light

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