Coaching Invocation 1 by Neena Verma … 10th July 2014

Coaching is known to be about questions. For me these questions are invocations to the Client (Coachee) for deep exploration of coaching goal at a manifest level and ‘Self’ at a deeper level. In this series I would be sharing some such coaching invocations that often help my client uncover their deeper ‘Self’ and create impactful break-throughs for themselves.

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Coaching Invocation 1 by Neena Verma …

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Asking this at an early stage in the coaching (say, ‘Setting Foundation’ as per ICF framework or G ‘Goal-setting’ as per GROW framework or I ‘Invocation’ as per my ‘IDEA framework of Appreciative Coaching’) helps the client acknowledge his/her intent, exploration process and ownership for outcome, action & impact. This helps establish ‘Accountability’ from ICF point of view ; ‘Way Forward’ from GROW ; and ‘Action-Accomplishment-Sustenance’ from IDEA framework point of view.

What is a similar or like-impact invocation that you have found useful ! Please share

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