Call for One-Humanity, Peace & Love

Let us go viral with our Call for One-Humanity, Peace & Love … Today

Hostility is brewing across Indo-Pak border, and terrorism swallowing Humanity & childhood in many parts of the World. Is this just geo-political problem ! Does it not concern each one of us in Human Universe, in Business World, in Management Sphere ! Those of us willing & courageous to look & understand at a deeper level, can easily see the economic engine behind the business of terrorism, war & cross-border hostility.

What is the whole meaning of swearing by & for peace on “International Peace Day” if we quickly forget it , like any other fancy-day (Valentines, Mother’s, Father’s Days etc.) which again are nothing but roaring business models.

Aren’t we capable of creating small & big ripples of Peace & Humanity in our limited circles. Let us remember the Great Wall of China was not built by the same handfuls overnight. Hundreds of small team had taken up small patches in different parts of its circumference, unaware of other teams working elsewhere. They all made their small impacts here & there, and were astounded to see the final product of one unimaginably long solid wall.

We too can build bridges of Humanity, Peace & Love, if we all start committedly, right where we are, without caring about what others are doing. What matters is what I can do, am willing to do, and have started doing with single-minded unwavering devotion.

We visit social-media ‘n’ number of times a day. Lets us deluge social media space with our message & call for One-Humanity, Peace & Love. Let us make our call viral. Let us Start right now, right where we are. Let us march for & spearhead the cause of One-Humanity, Peace & Love … Today.

With Love & Light
Neena Verma

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