“Appreciative Inquiry Mosaic with Neena Verma” – Post 1 ‘Appreciative Inquiry’

Post 1

Appreciative Inquiry

David Cooperrider (Originator of Appreciative Inquiry) presents an inspiring description of ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ (AI) –
“Appreciative Inquiry is based on a reverence for life and is essentially biocentric in character. It is an inquiry process that tries to apprehend the factors that give life to a living system and seeks to articulate those possibilities that can lead to a better future … the appreciative mode of inquiry is a means of living with, being with, and directly participating in the life of human systems in a way that compels one to inquire into the deeper life-generating essentials and potentials or organizational existence.”

AI is both a life philosophy as well as a process methodology for systemic change, learning & growth. AI is based on the simple heliotropic assumption that every organic being, system and situation has something inherently present within, that works well & strengthens from within. These strengths can be the starting point for creating generative change and sustainable development.

AI enables organic systems (individuals, groups or organizations) to build their own generative theory for transformational shifts by inquiring into moments of excellence, periods of exceptional competence and performance – times when the people have felt most alive, energized and effective. AI explores stories about past and present achievements, strengths, high-point experiences, core and distinctive competencies, expressions of wisdom, insights about organizational philosophy and operational model … to uncover, value, affirm and amplify the ‘positive core’ of a being/ system. AI links the power of the ‘positive core’ and ‘positive potential’ to organizational change, learning & development agenda; thereby creating excitement, energy and commitment to pursue the desired.

AI in nature & spirit is like life-giving water, co-created by oxygen & hydrogen. In just the same way, ‘appreciate’ & ‘inquire’ co-create the life-energizing & value-enhancing phenomenon & process called ‘Appreciative Inquiry’

Post 2 would offer a deep dive into the phenomenon called ‘appreciation’.

Think of a moment/event/experience in life when you felt exceptionally alive & energized. What values/beliefs/strengths/actions helped create this exceptional moment! Would you like to pause for a moment & celebrate the ‘Gift’ that you are!
Continue exploring at Appreciative Inquiry – Practitioners’ Guide for Generative Change and Development

With Light
Neena Verma
Appreciative Inquiry Certificate – WSOM Case Western Reserve University

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