2015 & Ahead – Do what I can

In the midst of big forest fire
When all other birds & animals ran to save their lives
Little hummingbird kept flying back & forth, carrying droplets of water in his beak Dropping them over the razing fire
All other creatures warned him of danger
He continued unfazed
Finally the big bear asked … “Little bird, what are you doing !” 

And without stopping, he said “I am doing what I can”
My Little Hummingbird … My Anchor … My Son … Utkarsh
Blessed my womb, my lap, my heart, my soul, my motherhood, my life
Always doing “what he could” … quietly & invisibly
And one day … flew away … just so … with his characteristic quietude
Leaving me distraught … yet

Inspired to do “what I can”

Hope & pray … his inspiration stays stronger than my pain
And I am able to gather myself up … and keep striving for “what I can”
Wishing 2015 and life ahead inspires us all … to do “what we can”

With Love & Light
Neena Verma

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